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Santoni Family

The Santoni Family is pleased to give you the warmest welcome.
The history of the Calvola farm has its roots in the rural landscape of the last century, in a society based on subsistence and on a deep bond with the land.
The progenitor was Luigi Santoni, who was forced to emigrate to America in the early '900. Subsequently, in 1948, he was joined by his wife and 3 of 4 children.
Only his daughter Maria, who married Costante, remained to Calvola to keep on cultivating the land of both families.

Until 1985 the agricultural activity of the Santoni family focused on the cultivation of vegetables, fruit trees, vines and cattle breeding.
In order to enhance the link between local products and their territory was born the idea of ​​putting on the table the typical delicacies of Trentino.
On June 6, 1991 Bruno and Lucia Santoni opened  the Calvola farm, with a wide range of the local traditional dishes.
The restaurant service sees the whole family Santoni involved, Bruno, Lucia with her husband and two sons, Amedeo and Matteo  who was trained as a kitchen specialist to the hotel services.
An important aspect regards the method of cultivation of the Calvola farm, which since 1996 has the biological certification.
It has been decided to invest on the quality of the agricultural products to be able to appreciate even more alimentary peculiarities that this land offers.

In 1998 the Calvola farm expanded its turistic proposal with adding six rooms for guests' stay.

The attention and respect for the land, necessary conditions for obtaining high-quality agricultural products, were the basis of achieved so far progress and remain business strengths of the business of the Calvola farm.
Amedeo, graduated from the Agricultural Institute of San Michele Adige (TN),  is committed  in the cultivation of agricultural products  with the support of his uncle Bruno.

A couple where tradition and technical development give rise to a strong enhancement of the products of their land.

Attention to the environment of Agritur Calvola

In 2007, through a significant financial commitment and business, was chosen to replace the heating system of the company structure, on LPG, with a facility that uses heat energy of wood using modern technology. This decision was taken in relation to increasing awareness of the energy independence of business.In this mountainous area, characterized by high availability of biomass from agriculture and forestry, it was possible to think to meet their thermal energy needs through the collection of raw materials on site.The reconciliation of the requirements associated with the limited availability of time to engage in supplying the fuel with the limited spaces available and the proximity of the receiving farm has been achieved through the use of woodchips.